Do The Creep!

I just recently got a new skybox apartment in Second Life about a month ago and have been spending my time decorating it with nice furniture that has a low prim count.  I decided to take some pictures and post it here on my blog because I had to share this all with you.  Many are fairly inexpensive and a welcome addition to any virtual home.  I also decided to pose in a new outfit from Zanze.  I just discovered this clothing line and I just love their clothing.  They make prim clothing that hugs your avatar’s curves and has exquisite detailing on each outfit.  It also can be worn with prim avatar shapes.  Sorry in advance for all the pictures.

Let’s start with the dining room:

Snapshot_021I initially had bought another kitchen but it was shaped like one big box and not very well detailed.  Then I happened to see this kitchen on the Marketplace.  It is only 2 prims even though it looks like way more with the exquisite detailing.  There are poses available with this kitchen set, as well as objects you can add (each is 1 prim) with animations as well.  It comes in a variety of colors to choose from, so you can find one that matches your tastes. The cutting board below is one of those objects you can add.   The first picture is one of the poses that comes with the kitchen, and then second picture is the animation that comes with the object.


Snapshot_018Snapshot_017Then this next picture shows a pot that can be rezzed individually which has an animation attached to it that I am using in this picture.  I am really amazed by these animations.  They are simply amazing.

Snapshot_019This final picture is of my avatar washing her hands.  You have to stay clean in Second Life too!

Snapshot_020Here is the info for my avatar’s outfit:

Skin: *REDGRAVE* Paper Skin – Trinity

Shape: *REDGRAVE* Bodyshape – Avie

Makeup: **Noya** Black Cat Eyeliners + Dark Red Lips

Mascara: Laqroki Mascara 01 Black Flirty

Eyes: CatEyes 1

Hair: Magika [03] Quote

Dress: Zanze GoGo {Burnt}

Shoes: Plausible Body Open Toe Pumps Black


Friller Furniture Kitchen set

Now on to the dining room.  It is all included in the package, except for the antique tripod camera and the mirror on the wall, which are from my personal collection.

Snapshot_024 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_022The coffee and danish rezz with one of the many animations on the table, which I think is pretty neat

Dining Room:

!!Follow US!! Adult dinner 404 table

Arcadia Asylums Antique Tripod Camera

For the living room space, I decided to splurge a bit and I was able to get this nice piece of living room furniture.  They have several different colors of the living room and are about 7 or 8 prims which are plopped down together, but can be adjusted once rezzed as needed.

Snapshot_027The sofa and chairs have numerous different poses for both men and women, for endless different possibilities!

Snapshot_025 Snapshot_026 Snapshot_029And of course, you gotta have a nice view.

Snapshot_030Living Room:

LAQ Decor ~ (Black) Ruffled Slipcover Sofa & Coffee Table

!!Follow US!! Tray gift

Budget Builders Static Old Urban TV

Now to go to the second floor…

Snapshot_031Right off the elevator is the study.

Snapshot_037No apartment in Second Life is complete without a computer for my avatar!  It also comes with animation props that are very lifelike and realistic.

Snapshot_038Snapshot_039The Study:

!!Follow US!! Student desk (black) updated

{what next} Paperdoll Mannequin

Finally, we come to the bedroom, where the magic happens.

Snapshot_032The bed comes with all of these other pieces of furniture, as well as some others but due to prim limits I did not decide to rezz.  Also, the bed comes with a number of single and adult poseballs.  For those who do not want to participate in virtual randyness, there is a non-adult version available as well.

Snapshot_033Even the tv stand has animations on it.  And I love the clothes line.



!!Follow US!! Urban Bedroom (shown with bed, shelf, and clothes rack)

!!Follow US!! Table/Bench retro television white

The skybox is 3B Designs New York City Apartments, which is unfortunately not available anymore.


Finally, I want to leave you with a great video by The Lonely Island.  They are a joke group which make super funny and catchy songs.  Check it out!


Tell me what you think!

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